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Report: Arts Drive Tourism In Australia
vor 19 Stunden 27 Minuten
Australians took 12.3 million daytrips and 13.4 million overnight trips within Australia that included arts activities in 2018 – an increase of 14 percent and 20 percent respectively since ...
Warning: Post-Brexit Border Policies Could Be “Disaster” For Creative Industries
vor 19 Stunden 55 Minuten
“Although it is theoretically ‘points-based’, the reality is that it will be impossible to accrue enough points with a salary below £25,600 (without a PhD) unless the role is on the shortage ...
Does Banning Critics Accomplish Anything?
vor 20 Stunden 25 Minuten
Yolanda Bonnell isn’t the first artist to say that white critics get away with not knowing the cultural reference points of work outside of their own interests – but doesn’t cutting reviewers ...
Yolanda Bonnell: Why I Don’t Want White Critics To Review My Work
vor 20 Stunden 55 Minuten
“Indigenous performance has been grossly under-reviewed and while the tide is shifting, the lens with which predominantly white critics view the work has been problematic. The lack of IBPOC voices in the media—at a time when arts’ coverage is shrinking—means white critics are often the gatekeepers of success. There is often a tone along the […]
Artist Bans Critics Who Are Not “Indigenous, Black Or People Of Color”
vor 21 Stunden 25 Minuten
“This choice might immediately strike some as counterintuitive; it certainly runs against the dominant conventions of criticism, in which theatres offer free tickets to all critics actively reviewing in their market, in exchange for reviews of their shows. Those reviews serve a number of functions including critical evaluation, historical record and support for future funding […]
How Language Mutates In The Corporate World
vor 21 Stunden 56 Minuten
“No matter where I’ve worked, it has always been obvious that if everyone agreed to use language in the way that it is normally used, which is to communicate, the workday would be two hours shorter.” – New York Magazine
How Pianist Igor Levit Hacked The Attention Economy And Made Himself Into A ‘Thought Leader’
vor 22 Stunden 23 Minuten
“Levit’s career is a stark demonstration of the dissolving boundaries between art and commerce, journalism and public relations, particularly in Germany. … He is a friend to media personalities and politicians. Journalists ask his opinion on climate change, the rise of the far right, books, the ideal body weight. He works with artists and comedians, […]
Study: Freedom Of Expression… Except For Arts Workers
vor 22 Stunden 55 Minuten
More than eight out of ten survey respondents agreed that “workers in the arts and cultural sector who share controversial opinions risk being professionally ostracised”. The overwhelming message ...
Can A Sitcom About Gentrification Actually Be Funny?
vor 23 Stunden 22 Minuten
“At its core, gentrification is about what it means to belong. And few places in Los Angeles are more hotly contested in those terms than Boyle Heights,” the Los Angeles neighborhood where the bilingual Netflix series Gentefied is set. – The New York Times
Study: Arts Sector Digital Efforts Stall In Trying To Attract Audiences
vor 23 Stunden 57 Minuten
Research from Arts Council England (ACE) and innovation foundation Nesta has revealed “a widening gulf” between large and small organisations’ capacity and capability to adopt – let alone ...
When Grandma Moses Was Conscripted For The Cold War
21.02.2020 19:01
“Between June and December of 1950, a government-backed exhibition of Moses’s picturesque American scenes toured six European cities. … One Foreign Service officer who was involved with the Moses show declared that the exhibition had been as valuable as ‘pure gold’ in promoting ‘the core of our national character which we are endeavoring to articulate […]
UK Venue Demands Theatre Companies Guarantee Their Shows Won’t Offend Patrons Or Face Fine
21.02.2020 18:28
“The management may demand in respect to its right to object to any song, speech, dialogue, business, costume or gesture that forms part of the production, that may offend the ticket buyer; which ...
A Family History Chart Of The World’s 100 Most Widely Spoken Languages
21.02.2020 18:04
“This diagram, created by WordTips, breaks down the world’s 100 most-spoken languages by their roots (e.g., Indo-European for English and Spanish, or Sino-Tibetan for Mandarin) and by the number of native speakers and total speakers. The resulting chart helps reveal some interesting insights.” – Digg
Should LACMA Start A New Building When It’s Already $443 Million In Debt?
21.02.2020 17:31
According to the museum’s most recent 990 tax forms, filed in 2018, LACMA is carrying $331 million in county bond debt that was used to pay for construction of the Resnick Pavilion, the Broad ...
Another Job In The Arts You Hadn’t Thought Of: Narrating Porn For The Blind
21.02.2020 17:02
Pornhub launched this particular initiative in increasing access for the disabled to the arts four years ago, hiring professional freelance writers to produce text and professional voice actors to ...
Attendance Isn’t A Good Enough Metric, So This Museum Is Trying To Measure Its Social Impact
21.02.2020 16:35
“Working with a group of social scientists, the [Oakland Museum of California] devised an innovative plan to take stock of both its ability to connect with visitors and to foster connections between visitors themselves. The idea came after previous data collection efforts revealed a more thorough snapshot of the institution’s audience, which is one of […]
Researchers May Just Have Located Nefertiti’s Secret Burial Place Inside Tutankhamun’s Tomb
21.02.2020 16:03
“A radar survey around the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings has revealed possible evidence of further hidden chambers behind its walls. The findings … resurrect a controversial theory that the young king’s burial place hides the existence of a larger tomb, which could contain the mysterious Egyptian queen Nefertiti.” – Nature
Inventor Of Computers’ Cut-Copy-And-Paste Functions, Larry Tesler, Dead At 74
21.02.2020 15:31
A researcher and executive over the years at Xerox, Apple, Yahoo, and Amazon, Tesler had enormous influence over the experience most people have when using a personal computer today: in addition to ...
Major New Alexander Calder Museum Planned For Philadelphia
21.02.2020 15:04
“A little more than two decades after a Calder museum was first proposed for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the long-dormant idea has blossomed again, funding has materialized, and backers say that, by spring 2021, construction should get underway between 21st and 22nd Streets across from the Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum.” – The Philadelphia […]
Nearly 100 Luminaries Sign Letter Threatening Boycott Over Ballet Director’s Firing — But Some Of Them Say They Never Agreed To Sign
21.02.2020 14:32
The open letter, published in the French newspaper Libération and originated by choreographer Maguy Marin and theatre director Atiane Mnouchkine, threatens to withhold rights to all ...